Artisans of Sound

Elash in his workshop

The luthier

Elash bassist and luthier was born in Patte d'oie Builders, Dakar (Senegal). He worked as a bassist for different artist in his country, he was 20 years old. After some time, he settled down in Europe and kept on working as a bassist for the Senegalese artists tours. At the same time he started working in the wood industry. Little by little the music and wood sectors started fusing together within his life. He began renovating his own basses and he started to understand the way of building the instruments. Because of this, he was able to customize his own bass. Fascinated with the luthiers job he started to improve his techniques and became very passionate about his craft. With the assistance of some violin and spanish guitar lutheri friends he was able to deepen his knowledge of artisan wood instruments. His work as luthier started to take shape and he decided to create his own design of bass guitars. Together with Ainhoa Bilbao, and his brother Alassane they were able to start producing artisan handmade bass guitars. Currently Elash and Ainhoa have their own customized basses brand Aash bass and they build electric bass guitars for all kind of bassists.