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Aash hand made basses

Aash basses guitars are made by choosing the appropriate wood for the features and the quality of each bass guitar. The wood is a living piece of matter that has its own message and we allow every piece of wood to express itself in our basses. Each piece of wood is hand made and crafted to make every bass special. We like to let each distinct piece of wood guide us during the shaping process so that every bass guitar is unique.

Aash basses are made in one piece using two types of building:

Glued-in neck: The neck is strongly glued into the body pocket using the dovetail joint technique. Neck trough: The body is glued to either side of the neck which goes straight through the whole instrument, this then provides more sustain for the bass.


The circuit is compound by active and passive sections and equipped with Aguilar obp3 preamp. Using passive mode the active remains switched off, on the other hand, using active mode the passive section keeps still working. The controls in the bass guitar are tone/volume stacked pot, blend pot, bass, middle, treble pots, active/passive switch and 400/800 hz switch. The circuit cavity is wrapped in with copper tape to avoid unwanted noises. Each bass guitarcomes equipped with two circuit boards to avoid excess wiring, thus making the bass more simple and easier to manage.